Environmental Club of the Tzav community school restarted its work

26 Feb 2018

Environmental Club of the Tzav community school restarted its work

Syunik branch of “Civil Voice” NGO has started an active work on involvement of children and youth of the region into the environmental activities. In particular, on 23rd of February, in the village Tzav, the school's environmental club restarts its activities by the initiative of the volunteers of “Civil Voice” NGO Syunik’s branch and the community's children.

Years ago, it was founded by World Vision Armenia, but stopped its activities due to lack of support and assistance.

During the first meeting, the volunteers of "Civil Voice" NGO presented the children the mission and goals of the organization, as well as projects that are planned to be implemented in Syunik.

Civil Voice volunteer D. Hambardzumyan conducted an interactive training on “The Environment and the Impact of Human Activity on it: management and defense” for club members, after which the community's environmental risks have been revealed.

During the training, the participants also suggested solutions to the revealed problems.

At the end of the training, the participants asked “Civil Voice” NGO to continue the active support to the club and to participate in its activities. We happily and willingly agreed.

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