Participation in the initiative "Transparent Threat"

24 Jul 2017

Participation in the initiative "Transparent Threat"

On July 22, the event entitled "Transparent Threat" took place at Bagratunyats Park in Gyumri. It was an awareness-raising initiative on plastic bottles and polyethylene bags, the purpose of which was to show people the dangers of pollution of water and land areas. Civil Voice NGO also took part in this initiative. First of all, the fountain of Bagratunyats  Park was filled with plastic bottles and polyethylene bags, which, of course, would be cleaned at the end of the project and accumulated garbage would be sent to the bottling plant of Abovyan.

There were working desks in the park to show people, that it is possible to get applicable things from non-usable materials in a short time. In place were sewn eco bags which can replace polyethylene bags, in the application of which we do not damage nature and ourselves. On the other working desk was shown how to give second life to the plastic bottles.

The organizer of the project Ruzanna Baloyan noted, that people's reaction to this initiative was different.

Environmental surveys were also conducted and people who answered the questions correctly got eco bags as a gift. 

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