A shortly description of the bird world of Armenia. Part 2

03 Aug 2020

A shortly description of the bird world of Armenia. Part 2

The problem of the former Dilijan reserve, now a national park, is the protection of the ecosystem,  “Shikahogh” Reserve is the protection of the reliction forests of platan, Erebuni reserve is protection of wild wheat in open spaces of semi-deserts and etc.  Sean National Park Among the specially protected areas there are several reserves, which are aimed at the protection of trout and swamp birds. Of course, the bird species need protection in the areas of the above-mentioned reserves and national parks. None of the bird sellers here  have the right to catch the bird and other documents permitting the sale by the Ministry of Environment. There are sparrows to large species for sale. Bird sellers are destroy bird nests, steal eggs and pups, and leave without offspring species that can reproduce only in 5-7 years of life.

 The scientific and non-scientific materials obtained as a result of centuries of experience of human society and many years of study of natural phenomena testify to the services rendered in the field of human development from the ancient times to the present day by birds.

Birds in our environment are the bearers of aesthetic, cognitive and educational ideas, which of  song recordings are used in the medicine and music, and the most perfect modern flying devices were designed and implemented by the example of their aerodynamic flight properties.

Most importantly, birds as a biological means  against harmfull insects. Examples of birds are widely presented in Armenian fables, legends, tales, folk sayings.

A Ghanalanyan's book "Tradition" says that "every year a stork strangles one of its cubs to sacrifice to God. Our research has confirmed the fact that the stork throws 1-2 cubs out of the nest every year, which is aimed at regulating the number of cubs.

"Hoopoe" parable of Mkhitar Gosh truthfully mentions the fact of the stench of hoopoe.

These and other similar realities come to confirm the idea, that our ancestors were well acquainted with the bird world due to of their great interest and sharp observation.

The laws on punishments are remarkable in the judgment books of Smbat Sparapet և Mkhitar Gosh (XII century), which of used to persons who take the hatching mother bird from the bird's nest with eggs or chicks and the person’s punishment lasts as many years as the mother could give generation.

In our time, many issues related to the protection and significance of the bird world remain outside of the attention of state bodies and society.

Due to many unregulated actions, a number of species disappear or change their lifestyle, as a result of which they cause significant damage to agriculture and the urban environment.

                                                                                           To be continued... 

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