A shortly description of the bird world of Armenia: Part 1

23 Jul 2020

A shortly description of the bird world of Armenia: Part 1

The bird world of Armenia is as unique as the other components of nature: vegetation, water surface, climate, mountain masses, etc. The earth's surface is very rocky, with fast-flowing rivers and gorges. Most of the fragmented forests are spread on steep slopes, which in the south of the republic are often sparse, and in the north are represented by lush and dense foliage.

The territory of the Republic of Armenia occupies the north-eastern part of the Armenian plateau at an altitude of 400-4090 m above sea level. One of the largest bird migratory routes in the world passes through the airspace of Armenia. The group belonging to the 18 categories of the bird world of the republic includes 349 species consisting of 60 families․

Due to their habitat, they are divided into semi-desert, mountain-steppe, forest, alpine, wetland, and sinanthrope species․

The whole bird world of Armenia makes up about 4% of the world's bird fauna, many of which come from the countries of the southern and northern hemispheres - Europe, Africa, Persia, the Mediterranean, the Arabian and other countries.

Worth special attention are characterized by 4 statuses: endangered, vulnerable, uncertain status և extinct species. Most of them are registered in Red Book. About 350 species of birds, 67 are registered in the Red Book of the Armenian Republic. It is conditioned by the sharp reduction of the number of birds and the distribution areas, which is a consequence of deforestation and careless use of fertilizers.

Despite the negative impulses of human activity in recent years, the Armenian birdworld remains with its diverse species in the South Caucasus and it is an intermediate ring, that carries out the genetic and physical connections of the bird's in the Caspian Sea, Black and Mediterranean Seas basins.

The Armenian Plateau (the territory of the Republic of Armenia) is the crossroads of the northern-southern borders of the distribution of many species of birds and subspecies, where many subspecies are formed as a species. One of the best examples of this fact is the Armenian Seagull (Larus armenicus), which recently received the status of a species.  One of the great interest in scientific circles is also represending a blue nightingale (Luscinia svecica), when Norwegian partners have come up with the idea subspecies by replacing this subspecies by species.

The issue of bird protection in Armenia are implemented by the recently adopted law on animal protection and legislative acts. In terms of that more partially and practically improved states are national parks, reserves, sanctuary and specially protected areas. Their competent activity due to the charter of those structures․ They are very  binding and strict with their requirements. Due to the establish of the Republic Reserves some areas could be save the integrity with their animals and natural systems. Each reserve depending on the location has its primary research and defense objectives․ In Khosrov Forest State Reserve they refer mainly to dry mountain-steppe systems covered with sparse juniper forests. 

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