The green areas of Yerevan are disappearing

14 Jul 2020

The green areas of Yerevan are disappearing

Today in Yerevan the green areas are decreasing and the high-rise buildings are increasing at the expense of green areas. If in other countries the construction of buildings seems to be a prerequisite for the of adjacent landscapes, in our country this condition is also ignored. We are reducing green areas on the one way, and making risky emissions on the other way. All this does not only disrupt the ecosystem of the city, but also causes serious damage to human health.

To keep human brain, blood, and tissues bioactivity, the blood supplies oxygen to the organs and tissues, while polluting the environment, filling the air with transport emissions, and various gas mixtures, we just breathe that air, which easily penetrates our body and lungs.

The construction in the city often does not take into account the fact that overloading earth's crust, we increase the tectonic risks. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of massive logging recently. It is important to realize that from new trees will take at least tens of years to reach the efficiency given by tall trees.

The importance of trees and green areas for our health seems that to be neglected by the citizens. It is strange, when people don’t have a basic knowledge about such an important and unique process, thanks to which we all have an opportunity to live. Simply, this is the process of converting water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose using the light of the sun.

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Life on the planet depends on photosynthesis. In order to understand its importance, I suggest a brief reference to the mechanism of these living organisms, due to which they clean the air from dust and dirt.

Each plant has many small holes called stomata through which ventilation takes place․ Most plant stomatas open in the morning, offended in the afternoon, and close in the evening.With open stomatas, carbon dioxide penetrates the plant's internal tissues, and the oxygen, which formed during photosynthesis and water vapor passes into the atmosphere.

The surface of the leaf can absorb 3–4 liters of CO2 from the air in one hour and turn off O2 as well. Due to the processes of photosynthesis and respiration, maintain the balance of oxygen-carbon dioxide in the air, and through evaporation participate in the water cycle on earth.The vital activity of organisms is provided by the balanced of oxygen to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is why forests are called the lungs of the planet.

Now let's understand how much green area should be per capita. According to international standards, in general, the area per capita should be 21 square meters. It is obvious that the green areas in Yerevan are not enough to provide clean air compared to the population

Today, according to the index of the municipality, 842 hectares, in other words, 8․420․000 m2 of green space per capita, 7.8 m2 area. In such conditions, the size of green areas should not be 842 hectares, as indicated in the plan of the municipality, but more, because in case of pollution of such size, the demand for clean air is high, especially in such a large volume of industry, construction conditions.

Plants are not only a source of oxygen, but also contribute to the formation of climate, regulate soil and water regime. It is interesting that the flora of the Caucasus includes about 6000 species of flowering plants, more than half of which grow in Armenia (3500 species).

Reduced green areas, climate change make the climate of the city of Yerevan drier, and the amount of precipitation is decreasing. During the 20th century, the situation changed։ the more regulated irrigation system allows to expand the green areas, to establish gardens and parks worthy of the capital, which in turn helps to reduce the concentration of dust in the city, eliminates dusty winds, giving passers not only fresh air, but also aesthetic pleasure.

The city cannot survive without "lungs". In previous years, the first sandstorm of recent decades was recorded in Yerevan in the summer։ In August, with tropical currents, a dense concentration of dust penetrated the republic, and there were simply no trees or gardens on the way. Already, according to Armecommonitoring, the average annual dust concentration in Yerevan is 1.6-1.9 times higher than the allowable limit.

In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) summed up a large number of studies on the impact of green space on human health. The final report noted that Tokyo residents living near green spaces, regardless of their socio-economic status, live longer. Residents of cities with a view of green and open areas are better able to withstand stress in the United States. The WHO report proves, that dozens of examples that green spaces are are required for a healthy city. One thing is clear, there are not enough green areas in Yerevan, there is a problem of protecting the green zone․

 In order to correct the situation in this regard, it should be noted that the green areas of the capital should be expanded to 21 m2 per capita. It is necessary to plant trees in different parts of the city, to pay special attention to the trees planted, to plant more densely, and three layers of greenery should be done next to the constructions in the former forested areas.

Today, even the squares for children are almost treeless, and from sandy playgrounds the dust spreads in the air and passes to the lungs. It is necessary to pay special attention to these squares, to plant trees, to provide irrigation system and finally to protect the ecosystem of the capital Yerevan.

We must take care of every tree and fight for it. In the end, destroying trees, destroying animals, we will also disappear… 

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