What kind of changes and additions does the executive plan to make in the legislation of minerals?

19 Jun 2020

What kind of changes and additions does the executive plan to make in the legislation of minerals?

The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia proposed to make changes and additions in the "Code on Minerals", in the Law on "Bankruptcy", in the "Administrative Procedure Code of the Republic of Armenia" and in the "RA Civil Code".

On 11th of June, the Minister Suren Papikyan presented the draft package of legislative amendments and additions to the Government.

The proposed amendments set out new terms and conditions for the granting of subsoil use rights, their terms, extensions, subsoil expansion, mortgage pledge and other current issues.

The need for legislative changes and additions is due to the rational and reasonable use of the subsoil, environmental and human health, legislative relations, omissions and misunderstandings.

  • It is proposed to provide the mineral rights for mineral extraction only if the mineral reserves have been established no more than 5 years ago.
  • Mineral reserves will be provided to one subsoil user, and the mines, some of which are already overloaded with entrails use rights, are provided to one entrails user with all the remaining balance reserves to be provided.
  • New requirements are set for the terms of the mineral use right, their extension and the expansion of mineral sites.

It is offered to carry out the extraction of mines in stages. For each stage of extraction of metal minerals, no more than 25 years are defined and for non-metals and mineral water extraction 15 years.

If during the period from the date of granting the right to mineral use to the period of submission of the extension application, the subsoil user has not extracted at least 80% of the mineral reserves provided with the permit, in that case mineral extraction permit is not extended.

It is suggested that the appeal of the administrative act on the termination or suspension of the right to subsoil use cannot be suspended by the latter.

According to Article 30, Part 4 of the RA Mineral Code, termination of the mineral use right cannot enter into force until the legal proceedings related to the rights of the mineral user have not been completed.

  • It is necessary to keep all samples taken for in order to determine the quality, quantity and other properties of the mineral during the extraction, recycling, exploration and exploration of the mineral at least 10 years.
  • Defines the use of different waste processing technologies depending on the amount of ore extracted from metal mines.
  • The minimum annual productivity for non-metallic minerals is set at 20.000 cubic meters.

The Government approved a package of legislative changes and additions. 

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