Our vision for solving the problem of stray dogs: Part 2

12 Jun 2020

Our vision for solving the problem of stray dogs: Part 2

The main aim of the center is to preserve the life of the animals.

In the reception of the center, the batch of dogs with visual examinations by specialists and veterinarians are divided according to breeds pure animals, mixtures and ordinary. Then, with them are formed groups of males and females. The groups of animals are kept in isolators at the set terms. The individual dog examinations are performed after that. Healthy animals get double laboratory and visual examinations and are placed in special cages.  The center should have  a veterinary radiation service, laboratories of worm and infectious diseases, operating room with modern equipment, drinking and technical running water and with crematoria for burying or destroying animal carcasses..

Among the territorial buildings, the squares for dogs running and the squares for their training with their trainer have an important role. The staff of veterinary services should consist of narrow specialists in therapy, surgeon and with specialists of parasitic and infectious diseases. Then it should organize the free supply of dogs to individuals and organizations through various media network․The center must have an information section with existing and sold animal cards. Dog food kitchens should be isolated from dog shelters․

Summing up the importance of the issue, it should be noted, that the creation of such a center have to appropriate  the minimum international requirements, otherwise it cannot  serve the purpose set by the self-sacrificing people in this responsible work.


                                                                                       Author` S. Adamyan 

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