Our vision for solving the problem of stray dogs: Part 1

11 Jun 2020

Our vision for solving the problem of stray dogs: Part 1

Human bred many breeds of dogs and gave them the title of his most loyal and devoted friend. But man has not still realized the role of the dog in his life․ Nowadays dogs are treated with cruelty attitude from human. Isn’t it the time to be kind with dogs, because the generations are brought up in that way. Human Centuries ago, man recognized the dog and entrusted it to him as the sole helper in earning a living. The dog became the faithful protector of human.

World-famous physiologist Pavlov, whose companion in arms was our compatriot Leon Orbeli, erected a bronze statue of a dog in the yard of one of his laboratories in St. Petersburg, in honor of the services provided by the dog.

In recent years, during the devastating Spitak earthquake, dogs saved lives from the ruins.

Human becomes a hero by self-sacrificing action, and in the case of a dog we consider it the duty of an animal and give the dog just food. Wandering dogs should be collected from the streets of Yerevan in the most humane way, excluding the use of firearms․ The workers should be provided special uniform, where must be a special label for the performer and special transport for safe transportation of animals. The staff should be provided with tools and modern equipments, which can be used, both during the day and at night. The presence of a junior doctor in the staff of the group is desirable to provide first aid to people, which injured by the attack of sick animals.

Further actions with the collected dogs will be carried out in unfree conditions, which, according to the requirements of health and safety rules,are planned to be built in fenced areas outside the habitat.                                                                                                                                                           

                                                                                to be continued․․․ 

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