Armenian biodiversity

22 May 2020

Armenian biodiversity

On 22 May the whole world celebrates the International Day for Biological Diversity. The aim of International Biodiversity Day is Biodiversity conservation in society and raising awareness of the dangers that threaten it, the adoption of innovative decisions at the community and national levels, etc. The Convention on Biological Diversity was signed by 193 countries, including Armenia in 1993. It says that states are responsible for the protection of their biodiversity and the sustainable use of biological resources.

Despite its small area, Armenia has a rich biodiversity. About 3.500 species of high-quality flowering plants, more than 17.500 species of animals have been found in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, about 500 of which are vertebrates. About 155 species of vertebrates, 155 species of invertebrates, and more than 675 plants are registered in the RA Red Book.

At present the problems in Armenia's biodiversity are still worrying. In our country, tree felling continues to be a serious environmental problem. As before, there are a number of cases of illegal tree felling, which poses a serious threat to the protection of green areas. Recently, there were a number of large-scale fires in our country, which also had a serious impact on forest protection.

Lake Sevan, is endangered due to the unprofessional and careless attitude of both the society and the government. At summer, 2019 due to the large number of omissions from the lake and a number of other circumstances flowering process was recorded in the lake.

HPPs used to obtain alternative energy also have a detrimental effect on the environment. The ecosystem of the river basin is overloaded due to densely built small HPPs. The load is also increased by irrigation systems that take water from rivers. The river basin is potentially rich in various fish species, including endemic and red. Most of the small HPPs are incorrectly constructed, and the fishing nets are dumpsters. As a result, the fish are unable to lay eggs, and as they pass through the net, they end up in the SHPP turbine.

One of the problems of biodiversity in the environment is the mining industry in Armenia.Recently, with the efforts of environmentalists in the mining sector, progress has been made against the exploitation of the Amulsar mine. However, the problems related to the mining industry are urgent.

It should be noted, that  one of the serious problems in Armenia is poaching. Often the victims of poaching are Red book animals. You can often meet a number of wild animals kept in inconsolable conditions in restaurants and other places of entertainment. It is also risky that wild animals are imported to Armenia for various purposes. For example, dolphins kept in Gyumri are in a deplorable state, because our country does not have established norms for keeping dolphins․ Recently, animal lovers organized a petition to stop the use of animals in circuses and other places of entertainment.

Actually, quarantine has been declared in many countries in connection with the coronavirus infection. To everyone's surprise, when people in different parts of the world are isolated, the environment has surprisingly begun to clear itself of the harmful effects of the human factor. In different parts of Armenia, there are an active movement of different species of animals, such as castors, squirrels, օtters and birds.

Thus, one of the serious ecological problems of the 21st century is the protection of biodiversity. Despite a number of environmental measures in various countries, the role of society in protection of biodiversity is very important. It is necessary not only to show a responsible, caring attitude towards the environment, but also to educate the future generations on environment. 

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