World Migratory Bird Day

09 May 2020

World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratoty bird day this year is celebrated on May 9. The aim is to pay the attention of humanity to global ecological changes that are destroying the most important ecosystems for the survival of birds.
Many countries have laws on the protection of migratory birds and participate in the international agreements. Armenia does not have a special law on bird protection, but in 1993 is member of the Convention on Wetlands of International Importance Especially as Waterfowl Habitat. 

According to the scientists, since 1600, about 100 species of birds have disappeared from the planet Earth. Many species of birds are still on the verge of extinction. There are about 350 species of birds in Armenia, which of 110 species of birds are endangered. High-rise buildings, power lines, alternative energy sources, and planes are deadly barriers for migratory birds. 

For years “Civil voice” NGO touched upon the issues of birds in Armenia, implemented a number of programs in support of birds and their habitats.
In the last decade, special attention has been paid to the study of migratory birds, as an ecological phenomenon with its all aspects. 

The climate changes have their affect on birds. In some places, associated with global warming have been observed warm winters and early springs. For example, storks do not migrated from Armenia in recent years and stay with us for the winter. The climate change is also causing droughts, increasing desert areas every year that birds need to bypass. Many birds have killed with in a plane crash during their migration. In order to avoid such crashes, radars have been set up in recent years to detect birds, but this cannot 100% protect birds and aircraft. 

The massive declineshave also been recorded in mines, for example, a number of birds have recently landed on the tailing in the Ararat region and died. For avoid such cases, it is necessary to use protective nets, but the most effective way is to record the sounds of birds of prey to remove the birds.
Birds can also spread coronavirus, and they can infect humans. This opinion was expressed by ornithologist, candidate of biological sciences Yevgeny Koblik. “There are a number of bird diseases that can be transmitted to humans, including viral ones. We are infected with viruses, not only from birds, but also from a number of other animals, ”he said. However, to date, no cases of Covid-19 infection have been reported from birds to humans.
Meanwhile, the opposite case was registered when 5 tigers and 3 lions found in the New York Zoo and they were infected with the coronavirus. Despite all of these dangers and problems, birds are of great importance not only for species conservation, but also for nature, agriculture, forestry and the environment.
The migratory of birds is one of the most beautiful, amazing and mysterious scenes in the world. 

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