The International Mother Earth Day

22 Apr 2020

The  International Mother Earth Day

The story of Earth Mother Day began on the initiative of environmental activist Gaylord Nelson. In 22 of April, 1970 Earth Day was celebrated for the first time. 

The international Mother Earth Day has been declared by UN General Assembly in 2009 at the 63rd session in 22 of April. On that day a great attention is paid to the environmental protection and eco-education.
David Comen said: "When we invade an ecosystem, we don't know what awaits us." It is possible, that we can have a contact with new bacterias, infections and viruses. From the point of view of human security, it is very important that in case of infection or epidemics, it is necessary to study the source of origin and take preventive measures. The infections are divided into several groups: Anthroponoses infections (transmitted from person to person), Sapronoses infections (transmitted from non-living objects to humans, such as botulism), and Zoonoses infections (transmitted from animal to human, and vice versa). It is wonder, that if Anthroponoses infections can be overcome, this is not the case with Zoonoses infections. 

Antipyretic pneumonias came from China in 2003. About 60 people were infected in just one person, and the infection spread rapidly in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Singapore, and other countries. The source of the infection was bats, which contacted with other animals and passed on to humans. It is means that the infection got development. But don’t think that bats are dangerous, just the number of their species reaches 1240, it about 1/5 of the total mammals.
Airborne viruses can only a few days penetrate in a different countries. Today, the number of people infected with coronavirus are more than 2,5 million. In Armenia they are more than 1400. 

Although all of this, to everyone's surprise, the quarantine has a positive impact on the environment. Due to reduction of transport, disruption of industry the level of air pollution has significantly decreased. The water surfaces have been cleaned and the water quality has changed. This days in many parts of Armenia we can see such interesting birds, which in recent years have simply disappeared from our sight. Against the background of all this, the negative thing is that the various masks, gloves and protective equipment used to prevent the infection turn into household waste and reach huge volumes. That is a serious threat to the environment, people and animals. In order to prevent other sources of infection, it is necessary to disinfect such accumulated household waste, as a number of birds, rodents and other species feed on landfills. 

Althought all of this, the Mother Earth is an amazing planet. From time immemorial, it has protected the lives of countless species. Unfortunately, human has been the cause of a mass extinction of a number of species. However, Mother Nature continues to protect us with its green areas, food, cold water, which flows from the depths of the mountains, and other benefits. 

Along with the deepening ecological crisis of the last decade, more than ever, the Mother Earth needs a united, conscious and responsible attitude of humanity for the safe future of future generations. 

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