There are no set norms for dolphins in the RA Law

05 Mar 2020

There are no  set norms for dolphins in the RA Law

On 2nd of May, 2020 press conference on the dolphins imported to Armenia was held, the guests of which were the expert of Civil Voice NGO Silva Adamyan, the representative Naire Sahakyan and the founder of One “Health Coalition” Grigor Grigoryan.

The expert of Civil Voice NGO Silva Adamyan said, that they sent a number of letters to the Ministry of Environment of RA, Head of Nature Protection and Subsoil Inspectorate, Ministry of Health, but did not receive a properly response from them on dolphinarium activity in Gyumri. We find out, that the interdepartmental council, which should give a conclusion, doesn’t work. The environmentalist also noted that the dolphins are in fact kept in Armenia illegal.

The representative of Civil Voice NGO Naire Sahakyan added, that they started dealing with dolphins earlier, since when the dolphins had been brought and kept in the hotel of Dilijan in 2018. In that time studying the documents and the law of RA, we presented all the problems and inconsistencies to the relevant authorities, so the Subsoil Inspectorate carried out administrative proceedings. But later, we again have the same problem.

The founder of One “Health Coalition” Grigor Grigoryan said, that there are different details on imported animal species, which was either a consequence of a technical error or incompetent work by public authorities. The expert also explained that wild animals are carriers of viruses and diseases, which can also be dangerous for humans. According to Mr. Grigoryan, besides the problems with the documents, there were also the lack of appropriate conditions for keeping the animals in Armenia.

Thus, our country does not have norms in the RA law for keeping marine mammals, whereas dolphins continue to be brought, stored and operated in our country.  

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