"Hrashq aygi" is another prison for wild animals

13 Dec 2019

"Hrashq aygi" is another prison for wild animals

 A number of wild animals, namely bears, deer, birds, tiger and other animals are kept in the territory of "Hrashq aygi" restaurant complex, about which alarmed and gave photos the volunteer of “Civil Voice” NGO. Keeping wild animals in not free and partially not free areas again causes anxiety among a number of animal protection organizations and individuals. Wild animals keeping in not free conditions are often exhausted, damaged, psychologically depressed. There have been no less cases when types of red books also were held in not free conditions.

Therefore, in order to receive information on wild animals kept in the "Hrashq aygi" restaurant, Civil Voice and the Center of Bird Lovers NGOs applied to Mr. Armen Gevorgyan, Director of the "Hrashq Aygi" restaurant, but the latter did not respond to our official letter.

In order to find out the situation and get information on the above mentioned issue, Civil Voice and Center of Bird Lovers NGOs applied to The Head of Nature Protection and Subsoil Inspectorate Mr. Vigen Avetisyan.

Here you can find the official letters:




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