Aluminum and copper factory in Yerevan

25 Apr 2019

Aluminum and copper factory in Yerevan

On 19th of April a public discussion on Environmental Impact Assessment for “Aluminum and copper recycling by the way of assimilation” presented by “Edmet” LLC was held at Shirak str. 82/9. In the discussion also participated the experts of Civil Voice NGO.

According to the application, “Edmet” LLC plans to build an aluminum and copper factory with metal constructions in the industrial zone of Shengavit administrative district of Yerevan. According to the company's estimates, it is planned to receive 2000-3000 tons of aluminum per year and 1000-1500 copper.

Melted and cleaned metal will be poured into special molds, and after being cooled down in natural way will be moved to warehouse, from where will be delivered to the buyer organizations.

The activities will be carried out within the framework of license given to Edmet LLC by the RA Government's Decree N ° 1153-A of 8 October 2015 for the processing, clearance, storage, transportation and installation of hazardous waste.

The intended activity involves certain risks. During the casting process, smoke containing toxic substances will emerge.

During the discussion the experts of Civil Voice NGO raised the question of the utilization of secondary waste generated from the molding process. 

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