Ecological suggestions to Yerevan Municipality

22 Nov 2018

Ecological suggestions to Yerevan Municipality

The ecological problems are multidisciplinary and include many factors where the greenery is only one of the factors.

  1. Water: The irrigation system, besides being irregular and incorrect, does not include new irrigation methods of the territories.
  2. Land: As Yerevan is in the semi-desert zones, there is a serious problem with the improvement of the upper layer of land. Conduct research on soil, water pollution and use appropriate means for their rehabilitation in Yerevan and near Yerevan.
  3. Green spaces: Before beginning the process of green planting green area monitoring must be held, and after receiving the results of monitoring start the city's greenery. Great attention must be paid to landslide zones. Such zones we have in Monument’s slopes, 7th, 8th and 9th Nor Nork, also in Ajapnyak administrative district. New constructions in those territories can be endangered. So there is a need for serious expertise of experts, examination of the situation and presenting the exact solutions.

We offer to start the landscaping of greenery from all the roads leading to Yerevan, turning them into the alleys. It will also be a protective layer from winds and will mitigate the impact of climate change. We present you a piece of professional guide that will help you on planting trees.

Unfortunately, the biodiversity issues of Yerevan are out of your plan, which are an integral part of environmental issues.

  1. More than 120 birds live in Yerevan and nearby. The existence of birds in the green zones protects from insects and from many diseases.

No matter how strange it sounds but in the clearance of the city crows and Eurasian magpie have great importance, because they are also fed with garbage residues. Their population is growing in the city due to the unfavorable sanitary and hygienic conditions of the city.

A big part of biodiversity is also wandering dogs and cats. This issue needs a serious solution. In recent years, also the number of rodents has increased dramatically due to unfavorable sanitary and hygienic conditions. A large number of animals live in large landfills. They are rodents, a bulk of birds and insects that can get their food there. Large landfills have no proper management. In our opinion, the animal world-man-sanitary-hygienic situation, these are three factors that are tied together. Their study and monitoring are need for the city's environmental sustainability.

  1. For several years, Yerevan has been in a very serious state after the rains without proper quantities of drainpipes. A cleaning the drainpipes, new designs and cooperation with “Yerevan Water” organization are needed.
  2. Air Pollution Issues: This amount of green spaces cannot provide urban air cleanliness, which is also due to the presence of sand and other mines in the city and suburban areas. The latter have a serious impact on air pollution in the city. It is necessary to cooperate with the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA and with the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of MNP of RA to carry out monitoring and ensure maximum safe work.

The large number of cars is also a serious factor in air pollution of the city. It’s because the transport and cars of the city pass bad vehicle inspection. That’s the reason why faulty cars can pollute the city 24 hours during a day and stay unpunished. These are trucks, buses, cars. We offer to limit the entrance of some transports, for example, trucks, to main streets of Yerevan. Also we offer to build overground subway (which is ecologically clearer), to develop electric transport, to use bypass roads and to use of minibuses only outside the city. Invite professionals who are familiar with eco-architecture and who can design buildings that suit all environmental standards. 


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