March 22 is a World Water Day

21 Mar 2018

March 22 is a World Water Day

March 22 is a World Water Day․ For one inhabitant of the earth, on average, there are 7000 cubic meters of water per year. In Armenia that number is 3000 cubic meters. UN experts have calculated that the minimum threshold for a one resident is 1700 cubic meters per year.

Over 70% of the planet is covered with water. The perennial flow of water resources formed on the territory of Armenia is 6.2 billion cubic meters․By different estimates, the water loss in our country is 70-85%, and the main reason is mismanagement of water resources. We use 60 million cubic meters of actual 365 million cubic meters of water.

After 2010, when mining began to develop in Armenia, surface waters began polluting with mining waste. Now, 15 percent of them are polluted, and restoration and management are a very difficult problem.

The environmentalist Seyran Minasyan said that if positive dynamics were observed in 2011-2012, now it is negative. The lake is in an unbalanced state and the only solution is to constantly increase the level.

In parallel with this, Armenia is considered as a "medium-sized" state by water resources. Mr. Minasyan assures that the water resources of Armenia will satisfy the double population of our population.

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