“Civil Voice” is a non-profit non-governmental organization.

Which was founded in 2014 with a purpose to contribute solution of ecological, social and civic issues.  Civil Voice is called to highlight the problems in ecology and social life in Armenia, find ways of solutions and make them visible. The organization aims to prevent the destruction of natural recourses for humans, animals and plants. As a big part of the organization’s activity is the protection of human right and implementation of social support programs.

Our mission 

To contribute the more safer ecological environment and social welfare by the way of environmental protection, introduction innovative technologies in the mining industry, improving legislation and by the way of raising public awareness of laws

Our goal


  • Maintenance and improvement of the environment
  • Improvement of the environmental legislation
  • Efficient and controlled mining supports
  • To promote the introduction of available innovative mining technologies
  • Restoration and maintenance of a natural ecosystems (forests, fauna and flora, ponds, air, land, etc)
  • To promote the development of civil society
  • To make more informed civil society on environmental and social issues
  • To support public participation in solving social and environmental problems
  • To promote the creation and dissemination of environmental information
  • Development of an eco education
  • Collaborating with organizations bearing corporate social responsibility in order to solve environmental and social problems
  • Cooperation with international and local organizations for Human Rights and Freedoms
  • To carry a public monitoring, fight against environmental and social corruption
  • Protection of labor rights and health of workers of mining enterprises
  • To promote the preservation of public health in mining areas
  • Implementation of Social Entrepreneurship



Civil Voice

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