24 Aug 2016

“Shaki” Waterfall is not Maintained Due to an Inaction of Ministry of Nature Protection.

Everybody knows about Shaki Waterfall. According to the legend one of alien invaders, seeing the beauty of Armenian Shake, orders to bring her. Shake did not obey  the command of the invader and threw herself  from the high cliffs, at that moment  her dress opens and turns into a waterfall.Here’s how emerged the name of the waterfall Shaki. Now closed the dress, disappeared the legend and Shake. The waterfall cannot be opened and closed. Moreover, according to the publications for opening and closing of the waterfall the payment is from 5.000 AMD up to 10.000 AMD, in some cases, you can ask the representative of “Hakobjanyan and Galstyan HPP” LLC for waiting until the waterfall will be opened for free and enjoy it for a few minutes.

Shaki waterfall is located in Syunik Province. The height is 18 m.The Shaki Waterfall is situated 6 km from the town of Sisian. On the left side of the river Vorotan's gorge, basalt lava flows have solidified to form a ledge 18 meters high from which the waterfall cascades down. From the 14th of August, 2008 it is also a monument of nature. According to a “Specially protected natural areas” Article 19 Paragraph 1 of RA Law, any activity is prohibited in territory of natural monument which threatens its preservation, and according to Article 20 of the same law in the territory of the specially protected natural areas is prohibited economic activity that could threaten the stability of the ecosystems of  these areas, conservation of flora and fauna, scientific or cultural objects of value.

But in reality, the waterfall “Shaki” is not maintained due to an inaction of Ministry of Nature Protection.

By the result of the use of “Shaki” SHPP owned by “Hakobjanyan and Galstyan HPP” LLC, “Shaki” waterfall is simply disappeared.

It’s strange and incomprehensible that at the beginning the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia permits the use of “Shaki” SHPP,  without taking into account the implications, then in 2016, provides a review of water use permit conditions in water use including the volume and mode, compliance with environmental requirements. The most strange is that only in 2017 it plans the definition of prohibited zones for construction of SHPP.

Civil Voice NGO exhorts the Ministry of Nature Protection days prior to provide the normal existence of the waterfall.

The details are presented in te video:


17 Aug 2016

"Reciter" Tablets in Gyumri

With the initiative of Civil Voice  NGO  Gyumri branch tablets are posted in famous writers and poets streets with a small part of the poet's work. Thanks to this initiative in Gyumri first began to "talk" the street after P. Sevak, The initiative has two aims: first, tips passers the street and building address and  also recalls the poet's work or interesting thoughts. The tablets are also written in English, giving the opportunity to guests who visit the city know the address.

The details are presented in the video:


12 Aug 2016

International Youth Day

On 12th of August, 2016 "Youth Initiative Centre" NGO in Gyumri in cooperation with SALTO Eastern Europe and Caucasus Resource Centre organized an exposition of Shirak region's youth, cultural, educational and research institutions / centers and non-formal groups, devoted to the International Youth Day. Civil Voice NGO office in Gyumri also took part in the exhibition. The works carried out by the organization were presented during the exhibition. There were many questions about the organization's activities and missions. Exhaustive answers were given to questions.

04 Aug 2016

Participation in the Presentation of a Web Platform together4Armenia.am

In cooperation with the United Nations Children's Fund and "Mission East" Armenian office with EU funding, in the scope of the programme “The social reaction to labor migration problems" which was implemented in the regions of Lori, Tavush, Shirak and Gegharkunik, was created a web platform (together4Armenia.am), the presentation of which took place on 4th of august. In The opening ceremony of platform also took part the  head of Civil Voice NGO Gyumri branch Arsen Vardanyan and the representative of organization Gohar Vardanyan . Platform aims to connect the two sides for further cooperation which are Representative experts of the Armenian Diaspora and the programs implemented in Armenia's communities.

Civil Voice

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