16 Jul 2019

The fall of storks in Hovtashat village of Ararat region

On 15th of July from the village Hovtashat of Ararat region there was a call on that there’s noticed a fall of storks. Concerning the mentioned above issue Civil Voice NGO together with Birdlovers Center NGO applied to Mr. Hambardzumyan, the employee of State Service for Food Safety of Ararat Province Administration. The latter quickly responded to the problem arrived and studied the area, but there was no dead stork. So Mr. Hambardzumyan assured that as soon as the body was discovered it would be studied. For finding out what had happened the expert of Civil Voice NGO Silva Adamyan, the official representatives Mikayel Hambardzumyan and Naire Sahakyan also arrived to that area. By examining the storks, it became clear that about 4-5 storks were contaminated by an incomprehensible substance, that's why the birds could not fly. With the help of local residents, we also visited the adjacent canal, from where the storks ate and found garbage bags. So we invite the attention of the Ministry of Environment of RA, the Ministry of Health of RA, the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body and "Environmental Monitoring and Information Center" SNCO to this issue.

It should be reminded that on 13th of July, 2017 the representatives of Civil Voice NGO and Birdlovers Center NGO were in the villages Hovtashat and Darrnik, where noticed a massive fall of white storks. In future, by the results of the studies of Acopian Center for the Environment of AUA it became clear that the reason of that massive fall of birds were because the feathers of birds had been covered by oil. 

02 Jul 2019

"Nariprof" LLC wants to carry out geological works near "Arevik" National Park

On 25th of June in Meghri municipality building a public discussion on application for preliminary environmental impact assessment of extension of the geological study term of Nrnadzor gold mine presented by Nariprof LLC was held.

During 2016-2019 Nariprof LLC has conducted geological - search works in 101.89 hectares of Nrnadzor mineral field based on the results of which the most promising area of 51 hectares was identified where it is planned to carry out geophysical researches during 2019-21.

Magnetism and electric exploration were selected from geophysical methods. The measurements will be made at a scale of 1: 1000 with 18 profiles 50 m from each other.

Besides it is planned to take seven technological samples from the mineral bodies each with a maximum volume of 30m3. The total amount of technological samples will be about 210m3.

In the opinion of the experts of Civil Voice NGO, who also participated in the public discussion, the geophysical research provided by the program cannot have an impact on the environment.

The technical effects of the technological sampling may have a certain impact on the environment.

It is worth mentioning that the mine is located 5km north-west from Nrnadzor village, near Arevik National Park,which is a part of Zangezur biosphere complex. 

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