14 Dec 2017

Discussion on the Impact of the exploitation of Amulsar Gold Mine

On 12th of December by the initiative of Armenian Environmental Front was held an alternative public discussion during which the experts alerted the catastrophic consequences of Amulsar's exploitation.

Environmentalist Levon Galstyan at first said that Lydian company which exploited Amulsar is registered on offshore Jersey island and until now, he unsuccessfully tried to exploit the mine in Kosovo, Turkey and Georgia. Then the environmentalist presented Amulsar's geographical position, mentioning that there had never been any mining pollution in that area.

Geologist Armen Saghatelyan, speaking about the dangers of acid drainage in the area of Amulsar, explained that most of Armenia's polymetallic mines were sulphide mines.

Geologist, the expert of Civil Voice NGO Shahen Khachatryan presented the impact of the exploitation of Amulsar on the environment. Mr. Khachatryan mentioned that because of the explosions which would be in the result of the exploitation of mine the mineral substances would be mixed with water, as a result of which water would be disqualified.

Speaking about the EIA of Lydian company the expert of Civil Voice NGO Seyran Minasyan noticed that this time the exploiting company worked much more literate, but there were some distract points in the expertise.

At the end of the meeting, the speakers unanimously stated that in the available conditions the mine of Amulsar cannot be exploited.

The details are presented in the video:


13 Dec 2017

International Day of Animal Protection

On December 12th, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Animal Protection. In different countries this day celebrates by helping animals, distribution of information about animals, etc. This year “Post Scriptum” Press Center organized a press-conference in which were invited Silva Adamyan, the expert of Civil Voice NGO, Nare Aramian, Representative in Armenia of Pro Paws Charity and animal protector Karine Panosian. In her speech, Mrs. Adamyan mentioned that this year was full of animal-related issues, particularly poaching, the imprisoned animals. Civil Voice NGO together with the Center of Bird Lovers NGO applied to the Ministry of Nature Protection of RA, to the Environmental Protection and Mining Inspection Body of RA and to different international organizations concerning the dolphins kept in Dilijan. Also Mrs. Adamyan said that the investigation continued and we hope that these marine mammals would set free. 

13 Dec 2017

Civil Voice NGO participated in the public discussion on the problems of implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Armenia

On 11th of December in Armenian Aarhus Center was held a round-table discussion on the implementation of convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters, in which also participated the representative of Civil Voice NGO Naire Sahakyan. During the meeting, GMO dissemination in agriculture and food industry was discussed in the course of the last 5-6 years. At the end of the discussion it was made a decision of returning the first reading of the Law on Biosafety and presenting of acceptance requirement to the Ministries of Agriculture of RA and Nature Protection of RA, and also to send the examples to the President and Prime Minister of RA. 

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