13 Oct 2017

The representative of Civil Voice NGO participated in The Session of the Governing Board of Armenian CSO Coalition

On 12th of October the Session of the Governing Board of Armenian CSO Coalition took place in which also participated the lawyer of Civil Voice NGO Arthur Hambardzumyan.

During the meeting Karen Zadoyan, the President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association, Coordinator of the CSOs’ Anti-Corruption Coalition Secretariat presented the latest work done and their results. There were also presented the existing problems in the process of anti-corruption impact assessment/expertize of legal acts in Armenia and discussed possible options for their solution.

The picture: armla.am 

12 Oct 2017

In the protection of animals

On October 9 Tumo garden was full of people and animals. Civil Voice NGO organized an event on the protection of animals. The aim of the event was to attract public’s attention on the problems of animals, especially raising awareness on endangered animals.

In the event were present the environmentalists, animal-lovers and children. In the garden there was a special pavilion for children, where they could paint different animals and where make-up artist painted their faces with animal likeness.

Nick Israyelyan, who was present at the event, and who earlier found out the case of vulture poaching, thought that there’s a great lack of knowledge in the sphere of animal protection in Armenia.

Veterinarians of the "VETLINE" 24-hour Veterinary clinic were also present at the event. They gave free consultation to the animal lovers.

At the end of the event, were presented the current issues in the field of animal protection in Armenia, poaching, industrial and plastic wastes, imprisonment, etc.

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10 Oct 2017

The representative of Civil Voice NGO Naire Sahakyan participated in “For the sake of nature” literary competition

On 9th of October in the office of WWF-Armenia held an award on literary competition “For the sake of nature” in which also participated the representative of Civil Voice NGO Naire Sahakyan. In the award was present the director of WWF-Armenia Karen Manvelyan.

Naire Sahakyan, representing her literary work on nature, won the 4th place in the competition, receiving a certificate, a souvenir and a book about nature.

More than 3766 readers participated in the vote, who also became involved in nature and environmental issues. The works of the participants were placed in the organizer-coordinator of the competition, Arlen Shahverdyan’s website “Arvestaser”. 

06 Oct 2017

The problem of dolphins is actual

On 26th of September “Best Western Paradise” hotel put a statement inviting society to swim with dolphins. However, this statement had a negative reaction. These animals lost their native habitat, they are deprived of the opportunity to live freely. Dolphins are not used to be in closed spaces, moreover not to be in sea water.

International experts write that dolphintherapy is a myth that has been invented by people who pursue profits. In fact, the imprisoned animal is full of aggression and can be dangerous for people, especially for children.

Civil Voice NGO together with Birdlovers Center NGO applied Inspection body of MNP.

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